To Pitch: an often high-pressure sales presentation

She pitched the band to Capitol Records.

To Ditch: to end association with

She could not work with the band as they were not ready to be pitched to a label.

We are becoming a huge internet sensation. At least that’s what we are telling ourselves. Our shows get a huge number of views and our audience is growing weekly. 


Hosted by Bob Sandifer and Deana Katz-Sandifer

  • The family has been in the music industry since the 1950's
  • Professional Mixing and Mastering Engineer
  • Indie Label Owners
  • Web Hosting Company Owners
  • Freelance A&R Persons
  • Publishing Company
  • Touring Musicians
  • Music Brokers
  • Recording Studio Owners
  • Direct Label Contacts
  • Artist Development
  • Investor Relations
  • Multiplatinum Award Winner

Tuesday-Thursday at 8-9pm est. for our live music review show

Friday from 8-10pm est. for our live music review contest

Each shows “PITCHABLE” songs will be added to a weekly list that is sent to our industry contacts.

A&R’s | Label Owners | Investors | Writers | Publishers | Managers | Booking Agents | Tour Managers | etc.

Are always in the room looking and listening

Just a reminder folks


We are not like any of the other review shows. We are not here to make fun of artist and basically put them down. We prefer to offer constructive criticism and praise when it is due. Our goal is to offer advice that will better your product and help your brand so you can prepare yourself to be pitched to a label or an investor if that is the direction you would like to try for.


The idea for this review show started over a year ago with my wife, Deana, pointing out our industry meeting, at our studio in Griffin Ga., was starting to take over our facility twice a month. We had visitors coming from all over the south to meet with us to discuss their music and get tips on how to better position themselves in a market that was once again looking for new artist. A new style of music was emerging and it was made up of artist directly from the southern states. These were our people.


To allow a larger audience we moved our meeting to a private channel on youtube and started experimenting with various software, dates and times. At this point we might be about 40% closer than we were but we do have a long way to go. After several months we decided to open our services, and support to an open forum and we moved to Facebook. Many things have changed since the YouTube days but one thing has stayed the same. Our goal is to offer support for artist. Every person that works here at Industry Recording Company are musicians first. Before we discuss a price with an artist we always say it to ourselves first. If it sound right we make the quote. If it doesn’t, we re-evaluate the project.


Since our inception we have already started seeing other shows leaning towards our model. As we pick up viewers, and they loose some too us, it is obvious true musicians want and need a place to feel comfortable and be open in a public forum. This is where we excel. We actual care and it shows with each and every review. Some shows have even tried to increase their length to draw our viewers but the real musicians will still visit our feed. No drama, no hate and no politics. Someone is always ready to block a problem.


Not only do we offer solid advice but we will even go as far as building a preset for their vocals or a delay setting that would work better with their type of music. This is completely unheard of in any other review show. We will test master a song just so they can understand the difference they can get by working with a professional. All completely free with no obligation to work with our company. Our facility stays busy 20 hours per days but we always make time. This has been our business model since the 90’s.


Our ears are always open and our phones are usually near. If you ever need advice or a better understanding of our review it only takes a minute to make an appointment to talk with an engineer or A&R. We do offer private reviews with a small donation to our free audio school for teens.


We prefer to keep the drama and politics in the darker parts of the internet so we welcome any artist to submit music for review. I will admit we have a tendency to lean towards artist in the south for obvious reasons but we have visitors from all over the world and our guest are growing daily.


We welcome anyone that would like to promote any events or just do a live or call in interview.


If this is something you would like to do just drop me a text or call me at �404.783.9103 Bob Sandifer


We always have industry people in our live feeds and over a dozen artist have been signed since we move to FaceBook from participating in our Music Review Contest.


See ya in the feed





Send your song or video link to  during the show. Once you have done this put **HERE** in the comments section.



The room votes after each song and that number is added to the total points from the judges.

The winner is announced the following week. BRING PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR YOUR SONG!

• Popularity in the room (number of votes during a poll at the end of the song)

• Overall performance

• Writing ability

• Quality of the mix

• Quality of the master

• Overall production

• Industry Professional Rating. Guest A&R, Label Exec.

• Katz White and Witt Representative Rating



  • • The winner of the month will have their product pitched by Katz White and Witt Entertainment.
  • • Complete consulting on your product before the pitch.
  • • Free Master correction and song formatting if needed by Industry Recording Company
  • • Discounts on mixing if needed to correct any issues required by labels or A&R’s



  • • Industry professionals with over 30 years experience in the music industry
  • • A&R reps from some of the largest indie and major labels in the industry
  • • Indie label owners
  • • Investors
  • • Platinum and Grammy winning artist
  • • Major industry equipment manufacturers


  • • You must email your song or video link to me during the show. 
  • • Your song must be professionally recorded so we can hear the quality of the mix and master.
  • • The first 10 songs will be played and reviewed as they are received
  • • You, or your representative, must be present in the room to participate in the contest
  • • DO NOT put links in the comments section
  • • You cannot submit a cover song or a remix of a cover song
  • • Songs/Videos will be selected to be played at the hosts discretion.
  • • Songs with poor audio quality will not be played.  This includes low volume, noise in the mix or extremely poor mixes.
  • • If you wish to have a private review via phone call this can be done for $50.00 by appointment. Call, Email or Text me for details. 404.783.9103
  • • Videos with no content will not be played. If you wish to have a video played it should be a music video and NOT an audio video with images.
  • • You may re-submit the same song each week for the contest. However, if the same issues are present I would expect the same results from the judges as well as the possibility of having your song not played.
  • • The winner of each week will be announced during the following FRIDAYS show.