To Pitch: an often high-pressure sales presentation

She pitched the band to Capitol Records.

To Ditch: to end association with

She could not work with the band as they were not ready to be pitched to a label.

We are becoming a huge internet sensation. At least that’s what we are telling ourselves. Our shows get a huge number of views and our audience is growing weekly. 


Hosted by Bob Sandifer and Deana Katz-Sandifer

  • The family has been in the music industry since the 1950's
  • Professional Mixing and Mastering Engineer
  • Indie Label Owners
  • Web Hosting Company Owners
  • Freelance A&R Persons
  • Publishing Company
  • Touring Musicians
  • Music Brokers
  • Recording Studio Owners
  • Direct Label Contacts
  • Artist Development
  • Investor Relations
  • Multiplatinum Award Winner

Tuesday-Friday at 8-9pm est. for our live music review show

Each shows “PITCHABLE” songs will be added to a weekly list that is sent to our industry contacts.

A&R’s | Label Owners | Investors | Writers | Publishers | Managers | Booking Agents | Tour Managers | etc.

Are always in the room looking and listening

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